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more than 6 months down

On February 10th was it half year down. It's a long time since I've seen my family and my friends and it's a long time I've spent here. A time with so many different and awesome adventures and a time I'm not gonna forget so fast. I feel good at this time of my journey but I really look forward to go back too. This month was a busy one. After school started again I had some changes relating to my schedule and some things changed in general.
Let's start with school: I had some issues with dropping my English LA Course. First of all you probably ask yourself why would she drop English? So, LA means Language Arts so you don't "learn" English like I used to in Switzerland. It's much more like a class where you read and analyse texts for example we read Lord of the Flies or short stories. I don't think I didn't learn anything, I surely did but I had issues with the people and the periods were just so boring. Thus, We, exchange students includ…

five months down

Don't give up at half time. Concentrate on winning the second half.
Make good use of your time, it flies fast.

wow tomorrow is the day! already five months down! time flies over here and I wish you all a happy new year! I had a great start in 20I8 and I already experienced a bunch of things in only a week:) School started today and I have some new classes, I dropped soccer again and spent a lot of time with my family and my friends.

So I want to tell you guys about my fifth month: This was probably one of the best months so far because it was the months of Christmas lights, tea and spending time with your host family. The end of the first semester in High School and thus my first finals ever in my life:) I spent much more time with my friends and we went to the mall, to dinner, to Denver and much more. It was the months of baking cookies, going ice-skating and appreciating and looking back to an amazing 20I7, celebrating New Years eve and go snowboarding in the great huge Rocky Mount…

1st American Christmas

Hi guys

Today is December 25th and that means Christmas!!! I was looking forward to that day for a long time. In America everybody opens presents in the morning of the 25th. My host sister was so excited, she wanted to wake at eight o'clock, so we went up the stairs and there was a bunch of presents. We opened all of them and we got spoiled ... I got even presents of my host parents parents and aunts and uncles. We ate a big breakfast and went skiing. It was amazing to experience an American Christmas for once and I'm positive I'm never gonna forget that day:) It even snowed on the 23rd and so we had white Christmas! 
I think even if there are people who do not spend a lot of money during the year. At Christmas everybody gets a lot of presents and what I heard of other exchange students it was the same in there host family:) It's a great experience and it's great to experience Christmas in America instead of going home.

Christmas Time

Hi guys

It's December 23rd, so tomorrow is Christmas Eve!!! I'm so excited and since November in Christmas mood 24/7! After Thanksgiving we already got a Christmas tree and decorated it. While we were doing that my host dad put on the Christmas lights outside the house. It looks amazing and it's something I will miss back in Switzerland because not every house has decorations up and it just doesn't look that beautiful. During December I walked a few times home when it was dark and it's wonderful how the houses are literally shining and it feels like a big beautiful "Winter Wonderland"

I got all Christmas presents in November, so I wasn't in a hurry at all and could just enjoy the most beautiful time of the year. I made a advent calendar for my host family and I loved to see that they really enjoyed eating something sweet everyday:) I can't wait to give my presents to them and it's different for me this year because I'm used to open presents…

My schoolday


My school day starts at 5.45am. My alarm rings and I really don't wanna wake up but I have to because I can't leave later than 6.40am. I wake up and put on some clothes after that I usually take my devices like my computer and my portable charger and put them in my backpack. I put most of my school stuff in my backpack the evening before because I want to sleep as long as possible. At 6.00am I try to go upstairs and take my lunch out of the fridge and prepare my breakfast. Everyday I eat something else, sometimes eggs, toast, rice cereals, smoothies or my favourite cereals Honey Nut Cheerios:) I prepare some snacks for the day and make myself coffee or tea to take on the way. When I'm done with that I go back downstairs and brush my teeth and check again everything and do some last minute things and my first alarm goes at 6.35am. It's the one to remind me that I have to go soon. I'm most of the time the only person who is awake so I really nee…

soon four months down

six days until I'm here for four months... wow the last month past so fast, it's crazy how fast the time passes over here. My November was amazing especially when I had one week off and we went for some days to Winter Park in the mountains where I even went snowboarding two times! Later during break I celebrated my first American thanksgiving and had a great time with my host family. We played games, we went on walks in the snow and had just an awesome time. Thanksgiving is such a great holiday because you really think about what your thankful for. I made my first thanksgiving turkey on my own and went to Ikea.
It's unbelievable how many things I already did since I'm here and I'm so excited for more!!
The first semester of school is almost done! Two more weeks and one week of finals and that's it. What? Where did the time go? I learned so many things and even if I can't always agree with the American school system it's really cool to live that life for o…


Heimweh gehört schliesslich dazu und hätte man es nicht, wärs auch komisch. 
Anfangs hatte ich keine Zeit um mir Gedanken über die Schweiz zu machen, weil alles neu war und ich total überwältigt war mit all diesen Eindrücken. Nach einer Zeit, als dann auch die Schule angefangen hat, habe ich mir zwischendurch wieder Gedanken über die Schweiz gemacht und das Heimweh hat angefangen, nicht stark aber einfach diese Sehnsucht nach der Heimat, den Freunden und den kleinen Angewohnheiten. Meine Gastfamilie ist total lieb aber anfangs war es halt doch nicht mein Zuhause und ich habe das gespürt. Vor allem wegen der Zeitverschiebung war es relativ schwierig für mich, weil der Tag in der Schweiz schon fertig war, wenn ich aufgestanden bin und ich dann Kontakt mit meinen Freunden hatte. Es brauchte eine Weile bis ich mich nicht mehr darum gekümmert habe und mein Leben hier leben konnte und die ganze Zeit and die Schweizer Zeit gebunden zu sein.
Jeder Tag ist ein neuer und vor allem im Austauschjah…